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Fat boobed blonde exgirlfriend wench Jenni Lynn jumping a dildo on the couch

Dudes, this is Jenni Lynn she was a nasty little slut I met at the bowling ally,she really had a thing for nuts lol. we dated for damn near 5 years and yeah it was full of ups and downs, but that’s every relationship, she was an eager vagina in the bedroom though, and she went out of my way to try and please me, she made these petite videos for me so I could jack off to her while she was away visiting her mother but for some reason I just got tired of fucking her, so one day while she was at work, I packed up my shit and these videos lol and I left, I’ve never seen her since

Name and Location Withheld


Spicy blond exgirlfriend whore in jeans Sandi wanking a great shaft and getting facialized

Hey Hunks, remember Sandi? She’s the bitch I met at the local laundry mat, she used to let me take sensual photos and videos of her and she would also send them to my phone while I was at work at least once every few weeks. Well, I ended up getting drunk and cheating on her, and to top it off I was pounding dumb enough to be honest with her about it, she dumped me AND she told all her friends that I had herpes! THAT’S A PUMPING LIE! so, here’s my payback! these are some more of those videos I took of that bitch!

Jason A. Ontraio Ca.


Alice and Chloe

I actually think Alice has the better bum, but that’s just the way novelty works now innit?


Dirty blonde exgirlfriend Karen showing boobies and rubbing pussy on the chair

This is karen, we were together for almost 3 years, I had THOUGHT that everything was cool, but how wrong was I! I had gotten contacted by my work that they needed me to head to Texas for a few weeks to help oversee a new plant that was opening up, I talked it over with karen and she agreed that I should go, she however would not be able to go, I decided to go cause we really needed the money,while I was gone we talked almost everyday by phone, and online, she sent me these nude photos of herself to help me get by while we were apart, I also sent her some as well. Long story short when I got home I got a BIG surprise, she took off and cleaned my booty out, took EVERYTHING in the house! SO, I’m posting these photos BITCH!

Bro J. Reford Mi.



she went up to otown for winter break to see her folks and made me a fingerbang video for me to marinate on


Pigtailed blondie exgirlfriend harlot Angelina strips and shows her hairy pussy

Hey guys, Barry again, I gotta share this little bitch with you! her name is Angelina and get this.. She is a school teacher! I met her when I took my brothers kid to a school play, and she was HIS TEACHER, we hit it off slendersweet quick, and I did a little wining and dining on her, I kept telling her she should have been a model and not some teacher. She bought it all hook line and sinker! I told her she should take some siren photos and maybe we could send them in to some High class magazine like Maxim or something, at first she was like “no no no I could loose my job” but after a few more days of prodding, and a few glasses of wine, Angelina was stripping off her clothes and I was snapping these shots of her, and I’ve never called her again I’ve got some more stuff of her I might share some other time too! HA HA HA WENCH!

Barry location withheld



Ah the ever-enduring catholic school girl uniform…She pulls it off deliciously


Sensational brunette ex-girlfriend bitch Whitney showing gigantic knockers and slick poonanie in the mirror

This harlot’s name is Whitney, we were MARRIED almost three years, I had suspected for over a year that the bitch was cheating on me, so one day I got into her laptop while she was in the shower and I found this email that said

“Hi yummy, thanks for that nasty night of passion we had last week in that hotel, and for taking me out to that Italian restaurant!! Let’s go to another swanky hotel, and have a nasty night of passion, your fat ass husband will never know about!! email me some more nude pictures and videos please, it gives me such a hard on! anyway, meet me soon for another pounding night of nasty sex – better than the frank eh honey? Luv Jeremy xoxoxo”

I searched a bit deeper and found these photos she had sent to Jeremy, The tramp is now gone, but I saved these photos enjoy them!

Frank C. Location Withheld



it dawned on me that she was just into havin fun gf porn and nothin else. no rules, no respect means no relationship